Board Membership

The Board of the Orpheus Choir of Toronto

Our Board is made up of singing and non-singing Directors. The Board is structured in such a way as to have each of the major activities (portfolios) led by a Director. There is a role for all interests of the different portfolios. The portfolios include:
Governance, Finance, Marketing, Development (fundraising), Information Technology, Program development, Administration and Membership.

The Board meets once a month. It is a made up of Directors who are committed to establishing the financial capability and capacity of the organization so that the Artistic Director and singers are able to realize their artistic potential.

The Orpheus Board is a dedicated group of individuals with varied skills. It is a group that makes a difference through a mix of meaningful work, creative debate and innovative ideas. We endeavour to work with our Artistic Director so that the dreams of the creative visions can be realized.

If you would like to apply to serve on the Orpheus Board, please email Tamiko Barker, Chair Orpheus Choir.


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